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Princess Crown Necklace


The Black and White Collection in honor of the Spring Equinox representing the Balance and Interconnectedness of everything. Today the amount of light we experience is equal to the amount of dark, the perfect balance of Yin/Yang, male and female, in order to experience life to the fullest we need both the darkness and the light, everything is equal, everything is connected, we are all one. Night#Day
For mystics, the cycles of the sun have their own special significance. Going back to their most ancient origins, the various myths and rituals surrounding the solar journey are reflective of a universal process of spiritual change: the ascendency from the material to the spiritual, the struggle against inner darkness, and the victory of spiritual light. #balance #light/dark #male/female #michelledarinjewelry #3 #innerjourney #abovebelow #sun #equinox

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