NEW!! Madala Floral Earrings

By Michelle DaRin / December 29, 2021

NEW!!! Mandala Earrings
A mandala represents the spiritual journey, starting from outside to the inner core, through layers. Flower mandalas typically represent hope, love, compassion, beauty, growth, connection and passion.
Available in several color options, turquoise, orange, and antique floral.
Caste bronze and beaded glass.

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Dasher Earrings

By Michelle DaRin / December 25, 2021

“To the top of the porch! to the top of the wall!
“Now dash away! dash away! dash away all!”
Reindeer Earrings

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Hibiscus Flower Earrings

By Michelle DaRin / December 22, 2021

NEW!!! Hibiscus Flower Earrings in Pink. Enameled copper with faux pearl center. Hibiscus Prized in cultures around the world, short-lived but dramatic hibiscus flowers symbolize youth, beauty, success, glory, and femininity.
Pairs well with the snowflake necklace and the hydrangea bracelet, sold separately.

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Basket of Sunshine Earrings

By Michelle DaRin / December 22, 2021

Basket of Sunshine Earrings
NEW!!!! Chrysoprase and bronze earrings, light weight and substantial. These basket weave patterned earrings have happy little sunflower and chrysoprase gemstone dangles in the center. May this holiday bring you an overflowing basket filled with everything your heart desires. Chrysoprase gemstone promotes joy and happiness. These earrings pair nicely with the Your Are My Sunshine Necklace, sold separately.

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Zen Lotus Mandala Earrings

By Michelle DaRin / December 19, 2021

Zen Lotus Mandala Earrings, caste bronze mandala and floral European glass beads.
While the lotus itself symbolizes enlightenment and the purity of the soul, the lotus mandala has the potential to adopt symbolism from other flower mandalas as well. Flower mandalas typically represent hope, love, compassion, beauty, growth, connection and passion.
Pair it with some of these beautiful similar color palette options for a layered look, Hydrangea bracelet, raspberry hummingbird, Zen Lotus Mandala Earrings, and Sale Sparkly Reindeer and Let’s Build a Snowman Necklace.

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Protect Your Peace Earrings

By Michelle DaRin / December 12, 2021

NEW!!! Protect Your Peace Earrings.
Protect Your Peace Sign Earrings, available in several color options. Choose your color in the notes at checkout, yellow, orange, purple, green. Caste bronze and enameled copper. Pairs nicely with this NEW!!! Peaceful Necklace.

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Hard as Rock Coral Earrings

By Michelle DaRin / December 5, 2021

Hard as Rock Coral Earrings.
Enameled copper earrings in coral color.
Individuals with a Coral Totem Animal are hard as a rock, within and without. Their walls seem impenetrable, and no matter the storm surging around them, they stand firm. Nothing gets rushed. Nothing goes unplanned, and nothing happens without trusting in Universal guidance.

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Baby Your A Star Earrings

By Michelle DaRin / October 7, 2021

Baby Your A Star Earrings. Fun happy colors to remind us of our inner light that shines bright like the stras in the sky!! Various color available, send an inquiry. The largest pair pictured in this listing is $98, smaller pairs are $75. Request invoice if purchasing the smaller pair. Select color at checkout. Light weight and color punch these babies POP!!!

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Pastel Flower Power Earrings

By Michelle DaRin / August 17, 2021

Pastel Flower Power Earrings. Availabe in pink, purple, and green. There is a good reason people send flowers when someone is ill, to cheer them up or for special occasions it is becuase flowers hold their own vibrational energy that has a psoitive effect. Whether real or an image of flowers the effect is the same, happy positive energy is released. Enjoy the power of flowers!! Choose your color in the notes at checkout. flowers are 30mm. Available in yellow too, pair great with the peace sign earrings.

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