Louis Louis Bracelet

By Michelle DaRin / October 6, 2021

Classic!!! NEW!!!
Louis Vuitton inspired bands with signature enamel copper snap closure bracelets. Great gifts for the holidays or just for the fashionista who loves a little Louis in her life. Faux leather band comes in the classic brown, or the rainbow version. Choose your color in the notes at checkout.

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NEW!!! Navy Herbs and Leaves Bracelet

By Michelle DaRin / January 6, 2021

NEW!!!! Herbs and Leaves bracelet, navy with new blue enamel color, snap closure.

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NEW!!!One of a Kind Flower Power Bracelets

By Michelle DaRin / December 21, 2020

NEW!!! Flower Power Bracelets leather flower petals with metal stud and snap closure. One of a kind, there are only two available first come first serve on color choice, #1 blue green #2 red green. I will do my best to honor your first choice but there are only two availabe so it will be first come first serve.

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Your My Sunflower Bracelet

By Michelle DaRin / December 20, 2020

NEW!!! Your My Sunflower Bracelet. Yellow enameled copper center piece with beautifully soft sunflower printed leather with snap closure. The perfect gift for your sunflower or for sunflower lovers. Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty and longevity. Much of the meaning of sunflowers stems from its namesake, the sun itself. … Sunflowers are known for being “happy” flowers, making them the perfect gift to bring joy to someone’s (or your) day.#sunflower #loveyou #mom

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Scottish Plaid Bracelet

By Michelle DaRin / December 10, 2020

Plaid leather and enameled copper bracelets. This plaid printed leather makes me think Christmas for sure. Tartan and plaid’s association with Christmas comes from the Scottish folk who wore their tartan plaids at the Yultide festivities during the cold winter months. Enameled copper with printed plaid leather and snap closure. Choose your preferance at checkout in the notes.

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Peace and Love Bracelet

By Michelle DaRin / October 13, 2020

Peace and love bracelets, caste bronze peace and love charms, pick your preferred charm, peace, or love, in the notes at checkout.

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a little heart and soul bracelet

By Michelle DaRin / September 20, 2020

A little heart and soul bracelets. Enameled copper heart on stretch beaded bracelet. Chose your color either the pink bracelet or light turquoise and request heart color in the noes as well, pink or red. Great gifts for friends, everyone needs a little heart and soul. The pink color is no longer available, only available in the light green.

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Science is Real Bracelet

By Michelle DaRin / August 14, 2020

Just a little reminder that a little science is real and a good thing right now. Stamped brass with hair on cowhide bracelet, snap closure. Science is your friend.

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What’s Your Word Custom Bracelet

By Michelle DaRin / June 19, 2020

What’s your word? Custom made name or word bracelets. Insert what your word is. Handstamped brass on leather with snap closure. Include in the notes what the word is you would liked stamped into your bracelet in the notes at checkout. Commemorate a loved one, a pet, a family member or just a word that resonates with you. Carry it with you everywhere you go.

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