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Hollie G.
Michelle’s work is bold without being tacky.
It’s sexy and it makes a seductive ringing sound when they clang together.
The natural leather bands are a soft counterpoint to the shiny slick enameled copper. A sexy combination of hard and soft.
Other jewelry can get lost next to your wardrobe, whereas these bracelets seem part of the whole outfit.
When you wear these bracelets you feel invincible. They give you power while also feeling feminine.
I like to wear them 24/7 – sleeping, showering, working out – and I never feel like they are going to break.

Julie C
It is jewelry for bad ass women who are comfortable making a statement. It is sexy, flirty and sometimes outrageous. It is for people who do not mind standing out. Tough, sexy and beautiful– just like her.

Thea L.
Unique pieces, meaningful / spiritual/passionate /resonate a message or feeling about them-whimsical, blends of color that can be worn casually everyday or dressy. I like how their is substance to the larger pieces of jewelry and a delicateness to other pieces. Most of all I love that they are made by a woman who is passionately artistic with each individual piece of jewelry-a RARE quality these days!

Kate O
Whimsical, spiritual pieces that inspire those who wear them. Pieces that capture many elements of nature. Made for warrior goddesses and dreamers. Wearable art jewelry that ranges from delicate floral fairies using soft rose gold to bold bright stone rings as unique and bold as the woman who wears them. Michelle DaRin is a gifted artisan and her true spirit lives within each piece.

Karla R.
Every piece is completely different and unique! No two pieces are exactly the same! I have also never seen anything else like your work, especially your large necklaces, crowns, etc. You can tell there is a lot of hard work and passion put into all of your pieces. The fact that you love what you do really shows!

Angela M.
Michelle DaRin creates unique pieces of jewelry with a great deal of thought and heart. Words that come to mind: bold, bright, earthy, freedom, natural, strength. Each creation has meaning and speaks to individuality.

Stephanie R.
Michelle’s jewelry is beautiful because it’a a creation from her heart. That’s what sets it apart from anyone else’s.

Moe H.
Michelle’s jewelry is my go to when I want or need to make a statement, great stage pieces…and most importantly, I like the way my pieces make me feel.

Lynn M.
I consider Michelle DaRin’s jewelry to be wearable art. It is artfully created, totally flexible in terms of dress to casual, unique and thoughtful, inspired and just fun to wear.

Hope H.
Michelle’s jewelry is eclectic, funky and brilliant..perfect for the New Age, and an inspiration to me everyday as an artist.

Elizabeth O.
Michelle’s work is organic and unique with a slight edge. Colors and textures that align with nature.

Kath B.
Michelle’s work is very wearable- many pieces can go casual or dressy. Its also acessible to a wide range of different people- no re strictions based on age or life style. Finally for me its the color palettes you use , always a great pop of color when I one of you pieces on.


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