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New Mermaid Necklace and Bracelet, Countdown ’til Christmas Event 50 % off

Today’s Countdown ’til Christmas Event piece is this very special mermaid. Mermaid are beloved by so many for their symbolism, unrivaled beauty, alluring voices, and the embodiment of feminine power. I also love the symbolism of rebellious spirits and ferocious independence, love and beauty. Embrace your inner mermaid.
This piece is caste bronze and vintage glass beads. The green bracelet is enameled copper and leather. Regular retail for these two items would be $153, today one set only will be available online for 50{e5dec8b4b66a639d995106de5dd1776bdb988904ee59a804ef4f933665d93597} of sale price $76.50 great gift idea and great price, don’t miss out!!!

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