Lion Spirit Necklace

I have spent my lifetime dreaming of lions, it is usually the same scenario, I am out in nature alone and wondering what to do? To be afraid? To run? In my dreams there is never any conflict, just beautiful animals in nature very close to me but never phased by my presence. Scared and in awe all at the same time, they are after all gorgeous and dangerous animals. I have always respected both aspects of their existence, one of my favorite movies growing up was, Born Free. Elsa was so lovely and the connection between man and beast has long been a source of inspiration for me. The amazing beauty that exists in nature is unmatched. I recently have become interested in animals totems and the lessons animals have to teach us. Lions I have discovered represent many things, among them, loyalty, courage, fearlessness, family, and communication.
This piece is made from a vintage horse bridal rosette, brass, silver, and leather

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