Mother Daughter Siamese


Siamese Cat Mother Daughter Bag! Made of beautiful leather and hair on cow hide with sequines and a metal chain handle, this bag is perfect for any and all cat lovers! Siamese cats are extraordinary beautiful. They have always been associated with royalty, power, elegance and pride. They were guardians of Siamese temples, always honored and admired. It is believed Siamese cats bring glory and longevity. They channel solar and Yang energy.
Cats have always been seen magical beings that have some mysterious connection with realms unknown to humans.
They are often associated with the world of spirits, witches, with all sorts of supernatural phenomena, both with evil and good forces.
In time of Middle Ages, Christian religion labeled black cats as bad luck and symbol of evil, associating them with demons and witches, while in many pagan traditions cats were seen powerful deities.
They were adored and worshiped in Ancient Egypt, China and Japan, for example, but there are many more examples.
Bottom line, cats are pretty cool in my world.

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