Countdown ’til Christmas Piece, “Let Your Spirit Soar”

Let Your Spirit Soar, Today’s Countdown ’til Christmas Event Piece is a personal favorite. I love the Eagle as spirit guide and what it represents. Swiftness, courage, wisdom, keen sight,( 8 times that of humans), illumination of Spirit, ability to see hidden spiritual truths, rising above the material to see the spiritual, ability to see the overall big picture, connection to spirit guides and teachers and higher truths, great power and balance, dignity with grace, intuitive and creative spirit, respect for the boundaries of the regions, grace achieved through knowledge and hard work. In my life these are all attributes I strive for, and thank the eagle for bringing to light in my own life. The eagle teaches us that life looks different from an aerial perspective. We need to take a new view on the challenges in our lives, the answers lie before us.
Today only one piece like this will be available at 50% off regular price online, for $200
It is made of a rare and vintage horse bridal rosette, silver, brass and leather.

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